Our physiotherapist Laura Moore specialises in Breast Cancer care. 

Physiotherapy can help recovery following procedures such as lumpectomies, lymph node removal/biopsies and mastectomies. 

  • Restore range of movement
  • Reduce swelling/lymphoedema
  • Resolve or reduce cording
  • Improve scarring

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is swelling within the body’s tissues. It is caused when the lymphatic system is not functioning properly. Symptoms may include discomfort, difficulty with movement, skin infections or fluid leaking from the skin. It is important to get this treated. 

What is cording?

This is when you feel or see a web of thickened, rope like tissue under the skin (usually your inner arm) that tight and painful. 


For further information on Physiotherapy for Breast Cancer Care, please get in touch.